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Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy


Sports massage is beneficial to athletes of various levels of participation. The modalities used are catered to the individuals sport involvement. Sessions will focus on areas of the body that are stressed from overuse, repetitive and often aggressive movements.


  " Personalized Therapy"


Your therapist has an extensive knowledge of anatomy coupled with a background in fighting. For those looking to improve on performance, heal from an injury or increase range of motion sports massage sessions are the perfect way to do so. Body Harmony offers very individualized and unique services for athletes. We are available for your big event whether it be court side, ringside or on the slopes. 


  "Proven Effective"


Scientific studies have shown the growing number of athletes who use massage therapy to enhance performance, prepare for the big day and practice self care. Athletes who use massage have testified to the role it plays within areas such as increase of strength, reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), physical and emotional stress reduction, lowering fatigue, injury recovery and increase range of motion. 


  "For Anyone in Motion" 


Sports massage therapy can easily be integrated into your established routine.  It's best to talk with our professional therapist to find a plan that will best be suited for your lifestyle and regimen. 



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